Basic philosophy

In a page here, the basic philosophy and the greetings from the president of the Katayama Manufacturing are published.

Basic philosophy of Katayama Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

The following three points are the main targets of KATAYAMA Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. in order to ensure full satisfaction for all our customers.

1: The Best Quality

Quality of products is determined by the quality of manufacturing technique and equipment, especially die.
We deliver high quality and performance dies that satisfy the customer requirement by abundant experience and high grade technology, such as forming of high tension steel and blow forming dies for fuel tank.

2: The Shortest Lead Time

Speed is essential for modern industry.
We can deliver our products with the shortest lead time by introducing the newest formability simulation, CAD/CAM system and parallel production system.

3: The Lowest Cost

The dies manufactured by us can reduce total life cost including maintenance cost.
Our dies are machined in precise measurement, so customers can enable to replace even small parts such as sectional dies etc, from the drawing data in maintenance stage.

Greetings from the president

I would like to express my greetings as the president of Katayama Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Since 1963, the foundation of our company , we have been pursuing the best level-dies, mainly for the automobile parts.
The dies we manufacture have been evaluated so highly by our customers .
However, now the world-wide standard for the dies is becoming higher and higher .
We would like to go ahead to meet the world-wide needs, especially for the forming of the ultra high tension steel.

Although time passes quickly, " the dies must inevitably exist " is the basement for the manufacturing .
We have to do our very best to complete our performance with the highest-level technique of us all.

We sincerely hope that you continue to provide us with your support and encouragement as we are heading towards the goal.

Best regards

President: Toshio Katayama
Toshio Katayama